Porters Paints

New living Finishes Pty Ltd is an approved applicator for Porters Original Paints. Porters Paints are 100% natural mineral paint products. If you choose to use a porters paint product you can be looking forward to a quality finished product that is uniquely yours.

The range reflects the latest trends in colours and textures to create the perfect space. Choose from hand painted samples in our Porters Original Paint fan decks to get the idea of the desired finish.

As New Living Finishes finish a project they will endeavour to make a larger sample board of that finish. This may be available to help make a colour or finish decision.


List of Porters Paints

Ultra-Flat Acrylic- Ultra flat acrylic for complete colour saturation

Eggshell Acrylic- a very subtle sheen level for an elegant finish

Low Sheen Acrylic- easy maintenance with low sheen for high traffic areas

Toughcoate – a matt textured finish in a protective polymer membrane

Stone Paint Coarse- coarse textured finish similar to bagged cement

Stone Paint Fine- ultra matt with marble dust for a slight texture

Aqua Gloss Enamel- super gloss water-based enamel for the perfect finish

Aqua Satin Enamel- a water-based enamel paint with an Elegant satin finish

Ceiling Flat- ultra white acrylic paint designed for interior ceilings

Boncote Cement Paint – a weatherproof cement-based finish, coloured with iron oxides

Distemper- a traditional interior finish with natural variation and velvet texture

Interno – interior lime wash with soft bloom and tone variations

Lime wash – traditional exterior limewash for a weathered mediterranean look

Milk Paint- a rustic traditional milk paint finish for timber furniture

Mineral Paint – a silicate-based paint for unparallel colourfastness and durability

Mineral Silicate Satin – a silicate based translucent satin for colour uniformity of concrete

Roman Cement- a coloured acrylic modified cement render for rendering or bagging

Aqua GILD Exterior Gold a new standard in exterior gold with brilliant optical characteristics

Chalk Emulsion – a easy to use chalk paint for renovating and renewing furniture

Chalk Board Paint – for chalkboards in kitchens, cafes, kid’s rooms, schools and offices

Crackle medium – easy to use medium to create decorative crackle finishes

Concrete wash – a translucent stain for colouring and beautifying concrete

Duchess Satin- a pearlescent paint for decorating with the rich lustre of satin fabric

French Wash- a subtle marble like finish of soft broken colour

Fresco – a Stucco Veneziano for true European Elegance

Industrial Lustre – protection for exterior metals with a glitter effect.

Liquid Bronze & Bronze Verdigris – for authentically beautiful patina of real aged bronze

Liquid Gold – a water based heavily pigmented gold for a touch of luxury

Liquid Copper & Patina Green – to recreate copper with the green patination of age

Liquid Iron & Instant Rust – the original and most authentic rusted iron finish

Liquid Tin – replicated softly aged architectural tin

Liquid Zinc & Zinc Aging Solution – turn any paintable surface into an aged zinc finish

Palm Beach Black- a chic timber black stain with a micro glitter

Perfect Floor Paint – for interior floors, a durable satin finish with slip resistance

Liquid Stainless Steel – for a sleek stylish brushed stainless-steel effect

Venetian Glaze – a high gloss translucent glaze for stippling and dragging